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Under The Cherry Moon (w)

Under The Cherry Moon (w)

Christopher Tracy and Mary Sharon would be proud. We couldn't resist naming this cherry almond oolong after such an iconic film.  The classic combination of sweet cherry balanced with mellow almond plays nicely with the dark notes of this oolong tea. A touch of cinnamon, and rose round out this moody rich tea.  


Ingredients: Taiwanese Oolong tea, cinnamon, apple peices, rose, cherry and almond.

  • FAQ's

    Steeping Instructions

    If you are steeoping loose leaf the common measure is 1 teaspoon for every 8 ounces of water. 

    White Tea  1-3 min  175° 

    Green Tea 3 min  180°

    Oolong Tea  1 to 5 min 195°

    Black Tea 5 min 212°

    Pu Ehr 5 min 212°

    Rooibos 5 min 212°

    Tisanes 5-10 min 212°


    How long will my Levitea stay fresh?

    Tea shelf life varies slightly but generally, the shelf life of black tea is about 18 months, while bagged tea is 24 months. Tins or aluminum foil bags for black tea can be stored for about 3 years, and paper bag is for 2 years. 

  • This is Loose Leaf Tea

    Each bag contains 2 oz. and yields 10-15 8 oz cups. 

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