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......Once upon a time there was a tea shop off the beaten path. They sold amazing teas and delicious home made pastries.  The people who discovered it called it the magical tea shop.  Now you can have a taste of this magical place and it's amazing teas.

Of course there's so much more to the story. We promise to tell you all the details soon!  Until then feel free to take a look around our site, find some new teas to try or revisit you tea shop favorites.  We make sure that every tea we sell is the very best of it's variety and that it's flavor is full.  We actually pride ourselves on that.  


Levitea’s story began back in 2014,

when owner/creative director Tynisha

Lomax decided to share her extensive tea

knowledge with the community of

downtown Wilmington, DE—and beyond.

As a believer in tea’s healing properties, as

well as a supporter of tea culture, Tynisha

chose to create a space for tea drinkers,

new and old, to celebrate their love for

loose leaf, art and community. Tea is

celebrated in many cultures around the

world, with diverse styles and blends. We

research, and taste test every tea to ensure

you are getting the best tea we can

provide. Levitea’s goal is to help bring you

the highest quality of each variety, and help

to #normalizetea in your everyday life.

Drink #teaeveryday


Tynisha Lomax


1007 N Orange St

4th Floor 

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

email us at

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